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Satsuma Anti Cellulite Loofah Soap

Rs. 299.00

Net Vol: 75g

This Satsuma Lemongrass bar is specially formulated with loofah fibers, a natural exfoliant that gently scrubs away orange peel skin.An excellent aid in eliminating cellulite, as the loofah inside the bar unclogs skin pores and reduces skin dimpling while the moisturizing properties of Satsuma brighten, firm and soothe the skin. This bar is to be used only on the body.


Our exotic soap bar is made of an organic loofa built right in that offers advanced exfoliating technology. This long-lasting bar rinses off clean and leaves no soap residue behind.

Key Ingredients

  • Mandarin
  • Nimbughas
  • Vegetable loofah
  • Jaiphal
  • Mulethi
  • Himalayan spring water

How To Use

All Botanic Love bars are handcrafted and made of natural plant-based ingredients as compared to harmful chemical-laden soaps available readily in the market. Authentic ingredients bereft of any chemicals, sulphates or parabens is what makes Botanic Love’s entire skincare range unique and ideal. These bars have a considerably low pH value that helps nurture the skin without leaving it dry. Can be used both on the face as well as the body. Work up a lather and enjoy.

Clean – Treat – Soothe – Moisturise - Tone

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Satsuma Anti Cellulite Loofah Soap

Rs. 299.00