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Our Journey

Our Journey

Botanic Love was founded in 2018 with a mission to provide natural skincare rooted in Indian Ayurveda to our customers. The goal was to create a one-of-a-kind skincare company that does not take any customer for granted and in fact celebrates their uniqueness by prioritizing customisation and sustainability, effectiveness and safety. We toyed around with the idea not to replicate factory made, synthetic, artificial and chemical laden products and instead provide world-class skincare regimes via artisanally crafted, freshly whipped products derived from nature, delivered in small batches. The key was to be available for all customers 24x7, something that sets us apart in the wellness industry.

What started off as an experiment in a home kitchen, soon took shape of a modest start-up and today is a flourishing business with thousands of loyal customers that swear by our authenticity and quality. It may surprise you, but Botanic Love has grown from a mere 55 sq ft space in Delhi to a 1280 sq ft facility in Punjab (epicentre of all things natural) that includes formulation, production, display, and a packing and dispatch area.

Despite our growth, we remain committed to our values, ensuring utmost quality and authenticity. Our dedication to sustainability, effectiveness, and safety has set us apart from others in the market, making us a trusted, budget friendly, go-to skincare brand in India.