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Absolute Rose Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Rs. 499.00

Net Vol: 30g

Botanic Love's advanced anti-pigmentation cream is infused with an arsenal of herbs and botanicals work to help lift, tone, reduce wrinkles and even -out skin tone. This synergistic blend of highly active natural extracts has strong free radical scavenging properties that helps protect epidermal elastin and collagen fibres. It helps to reduce and reverse sun exposure damage and improves micro circulation, restoring hydration and elasticit. Defends skin against U-V damage, hyperpigmentation, and premature ageing

Key Ingredients

  • Rose Extract
  • Mango Butter
  • Essential Botanicals

How To Use

Take a small amount and apply on moist face. Distribute the product evenly focusing on the pressure points on the face. This cream specifically helps people who have damaged neck skin due to sun exposure, weight loss or age. Can be left on the face and neck overnight for best results. 

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Absolute Rose Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Rs. 499.00